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"Animals" Sound Effects & Noises
Small chicken, chickens - 1 sec.
chatter, naturally sounds sweet and... download
Cock crow, kikeriki, little - 2 sec.
cock with his chickens, crows with a... download  Top Download 
Chicken begins to cackle - 5 sec.
first quietly and then Steiegrung too... download
Chatter, crowed, 5 times - 1 sec.
short, taken by a chicken... download
Sparrow chirps 3 times in a - 2 sec.
row, various pitches, also suitable for... download  Top Download 
Sparrow whistles / chirps - 1 sec.
once noisy to use for other species of... download  Top Download 
Bird, tawny owl, owl, eagle - 1 sec.
scream raptor screaming, sounds aggressive... download
Elster twitters 2 - 1 sec.
2... download
Crows sitting in the trees - 5 sec.
and crows, short exposure... download
Elster twitters 1, typical - 1 sec.
sound of the bird... download

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