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Recently listened sound clips:
Crows and magpies in the - 22 sec.
swarm on the roofs, very noisy... download
Church bells and crowing in - 5 sec.
the background the sounds of bells and a... download
Waterfall short, noise - 15 sec.
drafts or air noise, very dominant 15... download  Top Download 
Crow, crows twice, loud - 1 sec.
recording... download
Crows fighting and jostling - 5 sec.
and crows... download
Crows sitting in the trees - 5 sec.
and crows, short exposure... download
Horn, one long honk - 1 sec.
honk... download
small horn honk twice - 1 sec.
twice... download
Old vintage car horn honk - 5 sec.
three times, deep tone... download
Vintage car horn honk once - 1 sec.
short and one long, deep tone... download


New sound effects:
Machine noise, turbine - 21 sec.
aircraft in operation, turbine hall,... download
engine noise, aircraft in - 22 sec.
operation, turbine, turbine hall, engine... download
powerful blower, industrial - 32 sec.
blower, air intake, exhaust system, air... download
Smoke detector 3 x beeps - 3 sec.
loudly, fire alarm, prepared for... download
Smoke detector 30 seconds, 10 - 30 sec.
10 beeps loudly, fire alarm, smoke alarm,... download
Drainage, water in the - 2 sec.
washbasin drains off quickly, whirlpool... download
big drain, water in the sink - 3 sec.
runs off, nice whirlpool sound... download
Diesel engine 2.8 litres - 68 sec.
idle throttle, transporter, truck,... download
Diesel engine, large - 91 sec.
displacement, already running slowly in... download
Volkswagen T3 (GB: T25), 2 - 29 sec.
liter machine, Starting, Gasplay and idle... download

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